10 Best Snake Pokemon of All time ranked

10. DratiniDratini is a small and cute Dragon-type Pokémon weighing approximately 7.3 lbs. Dratini is one of the most powerful first-generation Pokémon. Dratini maintains its snake-like body when it evolves into a Dragonair.

09. DragonairDraginair is the evolution of Dratini, Dragonair grows in length after evolving from a Dratini. It is a serpentine Pokemon that is scaly with wings.

08. MiloticMilotic, another serpentine Pokémon, is a Water-Type. Milotic can learn moves like Hydro Pump, Aqua Tail, and Dragon Tail. It resembles a snake and will use moves like Wrap and Coil, which make it seem more like a snake.

07. GyaradosGyarados is a desirable Pokemon. Evolving a Magikarp, which can be caught by fishing. Gyarados can overwhelm most of its opponents with exceptionally high attack

06. SandacondaIts appearance shows it as a snake that has its cobra hood and body coiled about itself. This Pokemon is a Ground-type and it keeps sand in its body to attack its enemies with.

05. SerperiorSerperior is a Grass-type Pokemon known for constricting its opponents. Serperior is said to be based on snake species. It takes after snake species such as the emerald tree boa and a ball python.

04. EkansEkans is one of the earliest snake-like Pokemon that we encountered in the anime. It is a serpentine Pokemon that doesn't appear to have teeth. It uses stealth in the grass before attacking enemies.

03. SilicobraIt is a Ground-type Pokemon. Both its name and appearance that features a hood-like head indicate that this Pokemon is based on a cobra.

02. SeviperIt is a Poison-type pokemon, it is capable of injecting venom with its venomous red fangs. Its species is listed as "fang-snake". Seviper doesn't have any known evolution, but it doesn't need one because it is powerful in its base form.

01. ArbokArbok is the evolution of Ekans. Its sharp teeth and strong body make it a tough Pokemon to battle. Arkbok is capable of poisoning its opponent with lethal venom.