10 Things Only Manga Readers Know About Tokyo Ghoul

10. Kaneki Joins An Anti-Aogiri Task Force In the anime, Kaneki ended up joining Aogiri to hunt down the One-Eyed King, a move that made no sense since Aogiri had tortured him, hurt his friends, and had done nothing but bad things to him.The manga does a better job with this story ark, showing Kaneki joining an Anti-Aogiri task force run by Banjou.

 09. Kanou Plays A Major Role In Kaneki's Development The doctor who turned Kaneki into an artificial Ghoul was Kanou. In the anime, his name is only mentioned with no other connections being made for the same.However, in the manga, Kanou's role is more prominent. In fact, Kaneki even ended up raiding his labs in the manga, while the anime changed this location to Cochlea instead. 

08. Kanou Created A Clone Of Rize Using Her Kagune What the anime doesn't show is that Kanou actually created a clone of Rize using her Kagune. She ended up turning into a super-powered Ghoul against her will that Kaneki had to defeat in the manga, which turned out to be a rather poetic fight for the main character.

07. Kaneki's Character Is Completely Different In The Manga After recovering his memories post his life as Haise Sasaki, Kaneki turns into an insufferable character who seems unnecessarily edgy at times. However, in the manga, Kaneki hadn't lost any of his compassion. While he had definitely lost his sweet disposition, that didn't stop him from empathizing with the people around him.

06. Juuzou's Character Is More Complex In The Manga Juuzou's character in the anime simply can't hold a candle to his representation in the manga. The manga shows various flashbacks that flesh out Juuzou's character quite a bit, revealing the horrific torture he had to bear while being raised by the Ghoul Big Madam.

05. The Manga Is Way Gorier Than The Anime If viewers find the anime hard to watch due to its gore, then the manga will make readers feel extremely queasy at times. Sui Ishida didn't cut any corners when it came to showing just how violent the life of a Ghoul really is.

04. Kaneki Is More Brutal With Ayato The battle between Kaneki and Ayato is one of the highlights of Tokyo Ghoul. While the anime does decent justice to this confrontation, it's the manga that truly shows how brutal Kaneki can be in combat.

03. Amon & Kaneki's Battle Plays Out Differently In The Manga Amon's battle with Kaneki is where he ends up losing his life of his own accord. There are additional details in the manga during this confrontation, such as Amon using the Arata armor and Kaneki retreating to the sewers before begrudgingly feeding on this best friend, Hide.

02. Kaneki Hair's Turned White While Being Tortured In the manga, Kaneki's hair slowly turns white during this torture before reaching a breaking point, after Jason goes back on his word and kills some innocent Ghouls. In the anime, Kaneki's hair changes its color instantly and in a way more dramatic fashion. It's a small change but a notable one regardless.

01. Hide Is Alive In The Manga In the anime, Hide suffers a mortal blow during the assault at Anteiku but hides the pain as he tells Kaneki that he knew about his life as a Ghoul all along. However, in the manga, Hide is very much alive and kicking. He disappears for a short while after the Owl Suppression Operation only to come back and play a major role in the story.