10 Worst Zelda Dungeons Ranked

10 The Great Bay Temple Is Convoluted And Stressful (Majora's Mask)

09 The Palace Of Twilight Is Dull And Basic (Twilight Princess)

08 The Forsaken Fortress Turns Zelda Into Metal Gear Solid (The Wind Waker)

07 The Divine Beasts Are An Interesting Idea But Not That Fun (Breath Of The Wild)

06 Hinox Mines Is Aggravating And Monotonous (Tri Force Heroes)

05 The Ice Palace Is As Frustrating As It Is Slippery (A Link To The Past)

04 The Temple Of The Ocean King Isn't Fun The First Time, Let Alone The Fourth (Phantom Hourglass)

03 The Water Temple Is An Exercise In Tedium (Ocarina Of Time)

02 Jabu-Jabu's Belly Is A Confusing Slog (Oracle Of Ages)

01 The Great Palace Is A Labyrinthian Nightmare (Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link)