10. Road to the North PoleThis episode stars Brian and Stewie they travel to the North Pole, where they encounter a sickly Santa Claus, feral reindeer, deformed elves, and a disgusting industrial factory. 

9. The 2000-Year-Old Virgin“The 2000-Year-Old Virgin” sees a depressed Jesus living a lonely life in Quahog. Feeling bad for him, Peter allows Jesus to sleep with Lois, but later learns that this is an annual ploy that Jesus pulls on gullible men.

8. Brian & StewieThe two get locked in a bank vault over a weekend and proceed to share intimate thoughts with each other. The episode’s serious script received widespread praise, but the proceedings were arguably tarnished by the use of gross-out humor.

7. A Shot in the DarkThis episode was inspired by the killing of Trayvon Martin and sees Peter accidentally shooting Cleveland Jr. The very concept of the episode was controversial, as some believed that Martin’s death shouldn’t be fodder for a satirical episode of “Family Guy.”

6. When You Wish Upon a WeinsteinThe story sees Peter hiring a Jewish accountant and subsequently converting Chris to Judaism, believing that it makes one successful. 

5. The Simpsons GuyA crossover between “Family Guy” and “The Simpsons” generated some controversy for its content. The Parents Television Council decried Stewie’s obscene prank call to Moe, calling its punchline offensive.

4. Turban CowboyIn this highly controversial episode, Peter befriends a Muslim man named Mahmoud. Peter plans to convert to Islam, but he changes his mind when he realizes that Mahmoud is hoping to blow up the Quahog Bridge.

3. Quagmire’s DadThe story centers around Quagmire, who grapples with his father’s sex reassignment surgery and her new identity as “Ida.”

2. Partial Terms of EndearmentIn this one, Lois becomes a surrogate mother through in vitro fertilization. However, the parents die in a car accident, leaving Lois with an important decision.

1. Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda QIn “Screams of Silence,”  Quagmire and the boys plot to kill Jeff, who has been physically and mentally tormenting Quagmire’s sister.